Restaurants in Marbella – The Grill Restaurant


The culinary offerings at the Marbella Club Hotel are simply spectacular. Our renowned chef, Juan Gálvez, the Hotel’s Executive Chef, designs the menus of all our Marbella restaurants.

The famous Beach Club buffet, the romantic Grill Restaurant, the avant garde MC Café, the brand new MC Beach and the delightful Pool Bar and, of course, the Golf Resort Club House restaurant, all have their own style and provide a wide assortment of quality options to accommodate the variety of our guests’ preferences at any given time.

Whether it’s a light or hearty breakfast, an informal lunch, or an elegant and sophisticated evening meal, there are many options, all offering delicious dishes and the exquisite service that characterizes the Marbella Club Hotel.


“My passion for cooking began at home at an early age. At fourteen, I started working in a grand hotel as an apprentice, learning classic culinary disciplines. In 1979 I was lucky to start working at the Puente Romano Hotel under the great chef Simón Padilla, who increased my understanding of haute cuisine. In 1989 I won first prize as the best Chef de Cuisine on Tenerife. At that time I travelled frequently to France, Catalonia and the Basque Country in order to broaden my proffessional experience. In 1998 I was named Chef/Director of the restaurant at the Jardín Tropical and in 2000 I gained my first Michelin star.

In 2001 I was offered the position of Executive Chef at the Marbella Club Hotel and I accepted the challenge of directing the kitchen of one of Europe’s most prestigious hotels. There are several Marbella restaurants in the Hotel, each with its own style and menu, and I am in charge of designing all the menus.

I wake up every morning inspired to give my best and to continue doing so for many years to come.”


Really knowing about wines is a science: Besides knowing about wines per se, you need to be knowledgeable about climate, geography and be endowed with a superb sense of taste.

Ángel, who has 15 years of experience in the field, has been the Sommelier at the Marbella Club Hotel since 2002 and comments “I am fascinated by the styles and varieties of wine, the ways in which they complement meals, their colours, their palates, their histories.

I am always happy to discuss and suggest wines – it’s never a question of one wine being better than another, it’s simply a matter of tastes and personal preferences.

Our Spanish wines are superb. In case of white wines, Rueda in Castilla is home to a truly magnificent grape, the Verdejo. The Marqués de Riscal, Basa or Palacio de Bornos are terrific examples of this variety.

The most expensive Spanish wine is the Pingus by Peter Sisseck, the oenologist of Hacienda Monasterio. Production is limited to around 5,000 bottles, which are sold only if the quality is exceptional. It is indeed a unique and rare treat to be able to enjoy this wine.”