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An icon of Marbella

Since its establishment more than half a century ago, Hotel Marbella Club has accumulated a wealth of history, full of extraordinary and unforgettable moments. The beach resort in Spain has been a meeting place for the international jet-set: aristocrats, stars of the entertainment world, business leaders and famous figures from all over the world.

It all started in 1946, when Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe and his father, Prince Max, visited Marbella with the idea of buying some land. The following year, Alfonso purchased Finca Santa Margarita as a family residence. As the number of visitors to the 'finca' steadily grew, so did the property, and eventually the Prince, sparked with the pioneering enthusiasm and the visionary ideas that distinguish those who are ahead of their time, was able to make his dream come true, transforming his private residence into an exclusive Marbella club.

From that point on, our Marbella boutique hotel has come to be recognized the world over as one of the most prestigious establishments in the hotel world. And the Prince’s vision has become reality with the Marbella Club Hotel · Golf Resort & Spa that we know today, included as it is amongst the 'Leading Small Hotels of the World'.


Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe was born in Madrid in 1924, the first son of Prince Maximiliano von Hohenlohe and Princess Piedad de Iturbe. He founded the Marbella Club Marbella in 1954. He married Princess Ira de Fürstenberg in 1955 and they had two children, Christopher (1956) and Hubertus (1959). They divorced in 1961.

Prince Alfonso married again, this time to the American actress Jackie Lane and they had a daughter, Princess Arriana. In 1991, he married a third time, to Marilys Haynes, a British citizen. The prince died in Marbella in 2003. He was named a Favorite Son of Marbella, and the city has named one of its main streets, the Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, after him.


In 1947, Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe’s family acquired Finca Santa Margarita, an old farm situated on 18 hectares along the coast of Marbella. Soon after, in the spring of 1954, thanks to the effort and determination of the young Prince, the Marbella Club beach resort first opened its doors. There were ten rooms in one wing, eight in the other, another room in the tower with a suite next to it, and a sitting room, dining room and bar located in the main part of the old converted farmhouse.

As with all great adventures, the enterprise was infused with hope, courage and uncertainty. Fifty years later, and with an impressive history behind it, the Marbella Club Hotel has published an exciting biography detailing the extraordinary story of “this small paradise on earth”, as Prince Alfonso liked to describe it. The book, “Marbella Club: The First 50 Years”, can be purchased at the service desk of our hotel in Marbella in both Spanish and English versions.