Manage your stay at Marbella Club

Introducing VirtualHotel for a stress-free holiday

To ensure our guests have easy access to hotel services and local information, all of our rooms are equipped with VirtualHotel from Cardola. Through an in-room iPad or from the comfort of guests' own tablets (via a free, downloadable app), VirtualHotel provides instant access to everything the hotel has to offer at the touch of a button.

Through the app, guests have access to a range of services and options, including: the ability to view menus and order room service; reserve a table at a hotel restaurant; book a round of golf at a local course; browse and book spa treatments or request concierge services. There is also an option to view the bill and check the local weather.

VirtualHotel has been tried and tested within a hotel environment for over two years and gives guests a choice of how they interact with the hotel, providing convenient access to services and information, both before and during their stay. Available in multiple languages and accessible 24 hours a day, guests can place orders and requests at a time that suits them, allowing them to make the most of their precious time away.

For more information or to download the app for your iPad please visit iTunes  or call the hotel - 952 82 22 11.